Monday, September 24, 2007

• EMO •

i wonder why musicians created such genre.. do they based their lyrics on their experience.. or they just created a lonely song because nowadays it's kind of demanding or simply "Mainstream" Does their lyrics affects the lives of some people experiencing the state of being sad?? I don't know maybe some but others simply solve their problems in ending their lives (based on the lyrics and pictures of some EMO) wait... where did emo originated from? who created it? Hindi ako against sa emo music in fact im such a big fun.. napaisip lang ako at nag arrive ng mga questions na nabanggit ko.. i know hindi naman lahat ng emo music tungkol sa suicidal acts.. meron dn talagang for heart breaks lang.. at uu ung ibang kanta dito mejo nakakarelate ako.. i know some of you may react in this blog.. i just want to clarify na this is just my opinion towards the genre..

Tiger Lily - Matchbook Romance

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